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Erotic "Art" links are our focus. All links are reviewed, most importantly, for quality and hopefully, to help you avoid the irritating and dangerous stuff. It's not our aim to be comprehensive, but instead, to send you on an exceptional erotic surfing adventure, so...BOOKMARK US!

"Quality Hardcore" erotic art sites invited--contact Karynna.




Girl3DDownload EGirl - an interactive 3d sex game for your advanced PC. RL, 2005/10/20

RBCD Adult Art--A personal site with beautifully playful adult photo-art, blog, and links to other artists. RL, 2005/07/07

AutoCunnilingus--A yahoo group focused on the search for the ultimate who can lick her own pussy. Does it exist? Discussion, photos and! RL, 2005/07/07 The Portfolio of Lawson, a gifted 3d comic artist with fantasies of super breasted women and hot erotic adventures on the sci-fi side. L, 2005/05/10 3d comics with Super Sexy Heroines in Erotic Peril. L, 2005/05/10 ultimate adult computer game with virtual sex action, beautiful 3D sex animations, erotic art and a proven game play. Play Chess with sexy queens and horny knights...Watch them make love. Download a free demo. RL, 2004/11/23

ComputErotika--A fantasy collection of sexual renderings using a variety of 3D rendering programs. Fun! RL, 2004/11/23

Daniel Verdejo--He calls it "Contemporary Rock Art." With a prehistoric twist, this modern look at sexual interlude is quite amusing and enjoyable. RL, 2004/11/23

GeoffRidgway--Excellent 3d artist with BDSM controversial twists. RL, 2004/06/30

XArtGallery--Gallery sponsored by the LifeStyles Group dedicated to promoting free speech and explicity erotic art expression. Huge Convention present Annual shows offering a professional venue for exhibition. RL, 2004/05/24

FleshBot--Not just your average adult site, Fleshbot is a new, influential, and frequently updated web magazine which showcases all the porn that digital technology and distribution has made possible. This includes CGI and morphed images, amateur girls, webcam guys, sex blogs, hentai and yaoi, accidental smut, vintage erotica, celebrity candids, and hardcore video. RL, 2004/05/24

Cyan Stories--Erotic stories by Cyan: original fantasies, sex stories with a twist. FUN Links. RL, 2004/05/24

LanceComiXXX--A sexy romantic adventure serial featuring Nick & Vomisa Cates, two wealthy scientists who discover lust, love, and wild kinky sex together...and transform themselves into the leaders of a fetish empire! RL, 2004/05/24

The67--hot naked babes, adult flash sex games, 3d virtual sex, naked chicks shooting aliens, interactive women, sex flash interactive media, hot babes with swords killing werewolfs and monsters, sci-fi porn, fantasy women having sex, and super hot 3d babes killing things and having lesbian sex. RL, 2004/05/24

BitchIsland--female domination fetish site with tall busty sadistic women. Female domination goddesses dressed in leather and latex. A very erotic fem dom story, female domination story. RL, 2003/07/01 seductive, online, literary climax! A wide selection of erotic stories selected by a discriminating group of editors. Links. RL, 2003/05/20

DigitalCyberGirl--Rob is at it again: sensuous photo-3d digital compositions sure to tease a rise. Pay. Links. RL, 2003/04/05

Erotic.ArtMam--A fun collection of traditional media nude fantasy with men, women, sensuous couples and alternative lifestyles. Links. RL, 2003/04/05 artistic and photographic genital utopia. Playful, surreal and sensuous. 2003/02/26

HentaiKid --Hardcore animated cartoon fun with daily updates. Updated to his own domain name. Check it out! 2003/01/10

CrazyXXX3dWorld--Hardcore Erotic BDSM, torture, gore and romantic story lines using fantasy and scifi themes with 3d animated worlds. Series of slideshow story lines and divx video shorts. Not MacIntosh Friendly. If you have less then a cable modem get ready to wait. Very Excellent "Other Erotic Art Links" list. TSRL, 12/13/02

WickedVelvet --Erotic romance, adventures, fantasies, sci-fi and fetishes...Well-written ventures into all these secret realms in a way that mainstream publishers won't touch! Saucy, spicey, rebellious. 10/10/02

LoriBenson --Lovely Lori models for this playful collection of digitally photo creative art. Good links too. Free. 05/23/02

LitErotica --Literotica free sex stories, erotic fiction and adult audio. Wifeslut, bdsm, xxx, fetish, mature, and sexual fantasies. Porn storys updated daily! Story submissions accepted. Categories for Erotic Science Fiction and Fantasy. Free. TSRL, 04/08/02

SpaceBabeCentral--A new site, still building its content offering - looks exciting. Promises weekly updates. See erotic scifi comix, animations, art, etc. in the guest tour now. Pay Site. TSRL, 02/18/02 collection of mostly Softcore to some Hardcore: Pin-up babes galore, with a photo realistic focus, from various artists. Free Site. Good Links. 01/23/02

SamarelArt--A new artistic site full of promise. Dabbles in sci/fi fantasy, soft erotica and hardcore ethereal stylized photo-manipulations and digital artworks. Updated Weekly. Free--for now. TSRL, 10/10/01

KarinSwildens--A very accomplished sculptor merging the whimsically conceptual with the emotionally sensual. Some pieces are even functional. Beautiful clay fired and bronze expressions with natural textures inviting the tactile as well as the eye and heart. Free. NRL, 10/10/01

DarkStarProds--Erotic Bondage Art by GARY ROBERTS. Drawings, Paintings, and Digital Art of Gorgeous Girls in Bondage. Extreme with many dipictions of non-consentual sex fantasy. Pay. Guest Tour. NRL, 09/25/01

Steel-Art--A small, but beautiful collection of traditional media fantasy pin up babes by Steel. Free. Links. NRL, 09/25/01

LucidSkin--Seven "talented" artists pull their strengths together to supply erotic imagery and literature with an original sci/fi-fantasy focus. Pay. Guest Tour depicts honest content offering. TSRL, 09/10/01

XXXMadness--Panzar Comix presents slick xxx sci-fi erotic themes. Fun to see. Pay. Good Tour. NRL, 01/15/01

LordsOfAcid--Intense alternative rock band with a boldly explicit adult focus. Great music. Free. Lots o' Links--some are garbage tho. TSRL, 2001

Haffnium--Unique and fun style of computer generated scifi/fantasy art plus traditional sketches. Dark and extreme on the pain, torture and humiliation of dames in distress with a focus on alien sex, torture, bondage and science fiction environments. Explicit violence, Suggestive sex. Free. Links. TSRL, 09/25/00

Studio925--Lovely erotic phallic phantasy collection of fine jewelry. Hang these wonderful little sculptures on some part of your body! Lots of sample pics. NRL, 09/18/00

Master of Erotic Art - Marquis de Panasewicz--Exquisite bdsm and fantasy art in pencil and color. Free. Good Links. NRL, 09/18/00 woman is a serious collector of erotic art--especially art of the extreme. Her collection has afforded her an opportunity to provide two fabulous publishings. Check it out! Free Samples. TSRL, 9/02/99 of J. Clevella. A wonderful offering of hardcore fun and kink in watercolor and pencil. Pay. Good Guest Tour. Links. TSRL, 05/21/99

Custom Erotica Source--You wish you could have your favorite fantasy written up in talented explicit form...maybe even with a professional illustration. And then if it could be beautifully bound into your very own pillow book...This Is The Place! Good Links. RL, 4/29/99

FetishDreams--An Alice in Rubberland illustrated by Rob! Awesomely kinky erotic illustrations with a latex twist. A must see. Tastefully explicit. Pay. Comprehensive Guest Tour. Good Links. TSRL, 1999

Galaxy of Terror--A true connoiseur dedicated to exposing those great "B" horror movies with creatures attacking, raping, or doing something to someone. Mostly Softcore, but many hardcore stories and links. Free. TSRL, 1999

the Spirit's Visual Arts Studio--Two feature galleries: Spanking Art (focus) and Erotic Art by "the spirit." Pay. Good Guest Tour. Great Links. NRL, 1999

Eroticart International--A nice selection of fine-art erotica from the "sensuous to explicit." A potential opportunity for erotic artists who don't have their own venue to sell. NRL, 1999



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