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Privacy Policy

We are strongly against:

  • invasions of privacy

  • spam email and advertising strategies

  • the distribution of personal information

Dear Guest,

We offer sexual entertainment and education with the mission to vigilently demonstrate ethics, integrity, quality content, excellent customer service and respect for the privacy of our clients.

We, and Do Not advertise via email. We respond only to questions, comments and needs. Unfortunately, we can not control the works of Spoofers, Phishers, etc., so PLEASE Throw Away "Un-Invited" Email--Especially if it has Suspicious Attachments.

Be Aware. Get Fire-wall, Virus, Spyware and Adware Protection.

Your personal information is secured by cutting edge technology and business partners who are committed to your privacy and safety. Your data will be collected only to maintain your billing/membership information. It will Never be freely distributed, sold or used to send you ads or unrequested communications.

Should you experience any difficulties, please use our email support links and we will assist you promptly (usually within 24 hours), respectfully and fairly. Should you require telephone contact, we will be happy to offer you a telephone number (US toll free).