More About's Warning

This "Warning" is to help keep minors away from this site and allow consenting mature adults access to free uncensored previews of our sexually explicit content. If you have questions about what is meant by extreme or explicit content, please review the following: contains art content that is considered XXX rated. This is not softcore material similar to what might be found in Playboy magazine or at their website, However, our site does provide "high class" visual content with an equally sophisticated refinement that Playboy is well known for--we call it fine art. Our material contains explicitness more like Penthouse magazine and Hustler magazine along with their respective websites: and our material is extreme in much more unique and novel ways.

One mission is to create a popular niche called, hardcore erotic fine art. We hope to see that keywords along this line will bring you to sites like ours and other great artists daring enough to apply their skills to fine-art on explicitly sexual topics. It is Pornotopia's cause to be extreme, irreverent, playful and humorous in our visual explorations and fantasies. We do not endorse any of the behaviors or topics we explore; but we submit, that as artists, we have the right to visit any subject that an imagination is capable of conjuring as a fantasy. We also believe that any informed and consenting adult should be allowed access to such material.

With this in mind, please be aware that this site contains artistic expressions of full nudity including: breasts, nipples, pubic hair, male and female genitals, aroused penises, fully exposed vaginas and anuses. It also addresses many forms of sexual intercourse, including: heterosexual copulation with emphasis on full penetration, masturbation, lesbian sexuality, orgies or group sexuality, anal sex, sodomy, anal oral sex, cunnilingus, and fellatio. Fetish themes of sadism and masochism, bondage and domination, chains, piercings, anthropomorphic characters, furry fantasy, mythological and fantasy beasts. Frankly--knowing Sagemonn--just about anything as darkly bizarre as his imagination can contrive will come to the surface, like: stitched together genitalia, weird shaped cocks, stylized vaginal labia, lecherous skeletons, and sodomous alien oddities. His beauty and beast fetish is the fuel for creatures and monstrous type characters performing sexual acts on beautiful women. Karynna's work ranges from between R-rated to XXX-rated and you might be surprised by many of her bold explorations as well. She is not in the least apologetic about enjoying masculine anatomy or auto-erotic fantasies.

A question might be posed: Does this variety of sexual content require labels such as perverse, kinky, morbid, grotesque, wanton, degenerate, deviant, narcissistic, obscene, sultry, lurid, dirty, smutty, raunchy, nasty, filthy, base...? Perhaps, some or all apply. What is most important is that you answer this question: Do you desire to be here? If so...Welcome. We hope you enjoy exploring the boundaries and limits we intend to push as far as we can with our fantasy art!


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