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What's going on around here?
What's going on with
PornoMation 3?

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The P3 Release Date has come and gone without fan fare and announcement, because...
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And, I'm still not quite sure how to introduce it to you.

So... Our DreamSpells story is finished in full color 3D about 80% of the way thru and the rest of the story is presented in what is called an "animatic" form. This is a series of Black and White 2D storyboard drawings that are visually edited together in order to convey a sense of timing. Sagemonn produced over 730 sketches and drawings to detail the proper sequence of shots, intended camera angles and proper mood for scenes. It is essentially a time-sketch of our script. This section of the movie, our Orgy Scene, the most "Pornotopian" part of our movie is Totally Decadent. And, it will be so Sinfully Erotic, if we find a way to get this done right.

If we do get to do this over again,
I might pick up the pace to the really good stuff, which... already is pure Pornotopian Art, homemade and all. I don't know, maybe it's just because it's my baby, but It is absolutely Beautiful, Delicious and XXX Sexy with High Fantasy Style. Have some Sizzling Erotic Fun with this!

Sincerely, Karynna

P.S. So, What's going on with Sagemonn?

Like a great fantasy writer once wrote, "A series of very unfortunate events" --lead to Sagemonn's need to leave and the DreamSpells project late in February, 2009. And although Sagemonn remains out of town working on other obligations, I've managed to persuade his heart back into our project. What will happen from here remains a question --we have A Lot to work out. But it's our goal, at this time, to make things good.


PornoMation 3 - Teaser 3 , 11.4 MB, by Sagemonn and Karynna.

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