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From the Libido Art Galleries--A Bi-Weekly Web Magazine Exploring Erotic Naturale', January 21, 2000 - Volume 1 - Edition 16:

They say, "...Enjoy a premium and original source for the beautiful, bizarre and fantastic! ...a Pornotopia of bizarre xxx erotic art and fantasy is the right place for different and superior quality Hot bold kinky beautifully bizarre erotic fantasy!" ...and I think they're onto something here. It's a pay-site but go take the MENU. There's enough in there to give you serious thought, if not at least titillate the senses. Sci-fi erotic fantasy is rampant here. And imaginative. And yup, often downright kinky. Yikes! Be forewarned: it's hardcore, but still it's high-quality and provocative.

Blood Moon Zine--an e-zine focused on the dark side of erotica - vampires, gothic art, you got it... Find a lot of erotic poetry and writing here. The hostess is beautiful and up for view in sensuous photographic style.

Pornotopia is featured in this quarter's feature in the Apparitions sextion. Lot's more about us from an in depth pics to view, too. - 01/04/2000

Scarlet Letters
The ultimate
in chick friendly!

DarkCastle Link List--a directory full of erotic art and BDSM themed sites. Bob King offers this complimentary review:

Original art by Sagemonn and Karyanna. This is utter hardcore, but it's also the very highest quality art - and yes, they sell investment-grade prints. This is a pay site, but it has a generous free area, and if you are serious about fine erotic art, I really can't see how you can NOT buy a membership. - 05/10/1999

James's Guide to Amatuer Erotica posted this generous review 6/5/99:


This is an exciting time for followers of the erotic. Sites pushing the limits of technology, smashing the limits of gender roles, and examining the odd nature of the way our brains react to sexual fantasy are popping up all over.

Let me get right to it.

Pornotopia is a site conceived by masterminds Sagemonn and Karynna. The theme is fantastic utopian couplings and the art is both sexually hot and magnificent.

Many attempts by artists to meld the erotic and the fantastic fall short. Raw desire isn't a subject for art, the common knowledge goes--it's called porn and it's bad for you the maniacal moralists proclaim without proof. So many artists, it seems to me, skirt the messy issue and leave you wondering why they didn't just stick to landscapes of craggy coastlines or portraits of equally craggy mothers.

Not Sagemonn and Karynna. Not by a long shot.

There is a preview area that allows you to view one large size graphic from each of 8 categories. There's also a totally free site called ErosZona where you can find more totally free graphics. Members get the full breadth of the artists work as well as illustrated stories (a drawing with each Panel--monumental works!) And if that weren't enough, memberships are non-recurring! A month will set you back only 9.95 and three months are a bargain at 14.95.

Jane's Reviewed Adult Links"I visited the site today, and wanted to let you know that I'm sending it out as "alternative site pick of the week"...I'm also putting it in my "bookmarks" page- I guess you can tell that I think the site is WONDERFUL! so refreshing to see original, high quality content on the web. We don't get to see enough of it.

...If you like hardcore art, this is a must-see..." --Jane

This site was chosen as
for March 21, 1998.

"Finding stunning and imaginative erotic art that satisfies our slightly perverse but fanciful minds is a hard challenge to meet. Luckily Pornotopia provides superior and sensual 2-D and 3-D erotic images that will far exceed your expectation. Imagine exquisite unclothed women and men in utopian and grave virtual settings 'entangled in copious wonders of orgasmic copulation, submission, domination...'--well, I think you get the picture. Indulge yourself in something new and extreme: visit Pornotopia." --Adult Oriented Site of the Day

Cap'n's Choice--S&M! "The Cap'n is sweatin'! I *LOVE* your site - and the chance to look it over, inside and out, was *MOST* appreciated :> ...i forgot to mention, i'm listing you as a 'cap'n's choice' which will help make you stand out in the crowd, as i'm quite sure you's the least i can do after you made my day last week ;) and put so much of yourself out there, and so well, too." --CS

"This site has the absolute best Erotic Porn I've seen. All original. I've sat and just clicked on page after page. If you don't have much time, then do not visit. You'll be captivated by these sensual images."

"I cannot tell you how imaginative and beautiful I found your images you have posted on the net. Whew!" --Twoey

"Once again, you have a VERY well designed and fascinating site! Believe me, we don't say that to very many people. The graphics are high quality and quick loading. ...I love the sense of humor." --Margo Jonas, Adult Submission Service

Your art-work is very intriguing and often just beautiful. Your site is set-up wonderfully. I like the ease of getting where I want to go. I wish you much success!!" --Kelly,

"My husband asked me to explore the net and find something worthy of my fantasies and I found you. I admire your works greatly...Out of all the stuff I have seen on the net, yours comes closer to my soul than the other nonsence out there, even the sights that are for women are really for men..."--yours, D.

Whisper Club"I happened to find Pornotopia through and I am truly impressed and certifiably 'ga-ga' over the beautiful and extremely erotic work the two of you accomplish."--A.L.Whisper Club

"Greetings from The Stockroom. I came across your refreshing site while browsing and I enjoyed the combination of humor, sexuality and creativity." --Thanks, Jen



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